The 3 Baptisms

Every 3rd Sunday

The 3 Baptisms is your next step in faith. This class will prepare you to be water baptized and to learn more about the other two baptisms which Jesus offers to you. The baptism unto salvation joins you to the Father, the baptism of water joins you to Jesus and the third baptism joins you to the Holy Spirit. Join us every 3rd Sunday as we talk about all three baptisms and what they mean in your life.

Cost: Free
Register at: Carrollton, ColleyvilleCross Roads & Flagstaff

New Believers, women, men, singles, married


Wednesdays | Begins July 5

Grow is a 4-part series and is the perfect next step for those who are new to the faith. This class is specifically designed for new believers as they are starting their journey with Christ. Join our community as we dive into the foundations of Christianity! We look forward to seeing you! 

Our GROW sessions are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.

Cost: $10
Register at: CarrolltonMcKinney, & Flagstaff

New believers, singles, married, women, men

The Ties That Bind

Wednesdays | Begins July 5

A transformational study that will bring wholeness to your spirit, soul, and body. It affects personal growth, emotional patterns, addictive cycles, marriages, relationships, and businesses, just to name a few. Come expecting a change!

Cost: $30
Register at: Carrollton - Registration Closed

Men, women, married, single

Praying Boldly

Wednesdays | July 5 - August 9

In this study we will learn what it means to pray with boldness to the Father. We will explore how approaching the Father with our bold prayers moves His heart on our behalf.

Cost: Free
Register at: Carrollton, Colleyville, Cross Roads, McKinney, & Flagstaff

Praying Boldly Prayer Guide

Singles, married, men, women

Financial Peace University

Thursdays | August 17 - October 19 | 6:45pm

This 9-week class is designed to teach you and your family how to get out of debt and stay out of debt, and build wealth. You’ll actually have fun as you learn about saving, budgeting, investing, insurance and more! Financial Peace University is, without a doubt, the best program available for personal finance. 

**If you are FPU Alumni and would like to attend please email

Cost: $110
Register at: McKinney

Men, women, married, single

Small Group Leader Training  

Wednesdays | July 5 - August 9

Small Group Leadership Training is your next step in becoming a small group host and leader within Covenant Church.

Cost: Free
Register at: Carrollton

Men, women, married, single