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What Are Small Groups

Small Groups at Covenant Church are here to create healthy environmentswhere covenant relationships are made, and spiritual growth happens naturally.  

Small Groups provide a place where we really get to know one another—up close and personal. These groups offer regular support, fellowship and fun and can be based on any common interest, life stage or location. Monthly meetings provide a safe, friendly environment where we can grow in faith, discuss life and discern the leading of the Holy Spirit together in community.

Small Groups are as varied and creative as our membership. Some small groups specialize in prayer, others focus on particular family needs, while still others are built around members' interest in a particular activity or sport. Some groups just meet to share friendly conversation and a good meal.

Small Groups are all about living life and developing meaningful relationships. We hope and pray you'll find your Small Group today.

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Leadership & Prayer Call Weekly Recordings

The conference call recording, Leadership & Prayer Call, has been made available for dial-in access.

To listen to this recording by telephone please dial 1-302-202-1115 and enter Recording ID: 94102787 when prompted for it.

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