Women's Ministry

The Covenant Church Women’s Ministry provides a nurturing atmosphere that teaches, blesses, honors, and appreciates women. Through sound, biblical principles and anointed fellowship, women are empowered to walk in spiritual freedom, authority and security.

Our mission is to impact the Covenant Church women and community by surrounding them with covenant relationships and foundational resources needed to live beyond their potential in a Spirit of Excellence.


Flourish. It’s what we all want to do. 

We may use other words like, SUCCESS, PROSPER, INFLUENCE, LEAD, MOVE, LOVE and LIVE. Whatever the word we choose, the meaning is clear. We all want to share the fruits of our harvest with the world around us. To be a witness through fragrant and abundant living, there is beauty and bounty to be celebrated. 

The desire to flourish comes from deep within every created being. Because we have the longing to bring forth what lies within us, we look for ways to efficiently break open our own potential. We try poking and prodding our seed of greatness with books on time-management, goal-setting and get-it-done philosophy, which ultimately adds to the already overwhelming pressure to produce. 

These products have their place in perpetuating the germination process but only a very small part. When we study Mother Nature, we see that most of what coaxes life from the seed is nourishment. Being wholly surrounded by soil and saturated with water, the germ of life is “hugged” from its tiny home. 

FLOURISH is the celebration of life breaking out.

Save Your Seat

Flourish | May 10-12, 2017 

Registration is open for our 2017 Flourish Women's Conference. 

Full Conference - $125

Volunteer - If you are a current Covenant Church Volunteer and would like to serve at 2017 Flourish Conference - $50

Please click here for additonal details and to register.

Band of Women

Ladies, join Pastor Kathy and become a part of Band of Women!

At the beginning of each week, you will receive a FOCUSED PRAYER OF AGREEMENT in your email inbox. I am asking each participant to choose Wednesday OR Thursday as a day to fast from sundown to sundown. As we are made aware of critical prayer requests we will forward them to the participants of BAND OF WOMEN for corporate agreement. There is absolutely NO substitute for unity and agreement when we encounter crisis and adversity. We will respond to attack with power, as well as proactively and prophetically pray ourselves into the future.

If you would like to join the BAND OF WOMEN initiative you may opt in to email notifications by texting COVBOW to 41411. You will receive a reply text requesting your name and email address. Please reply in this format: COVBOW name email.  Once you give us that information, you will be activated.

Bible Studies

To find out more about Women's Ministry events happening at Covenant, including Bible studies, please check out our Events page!