Monday, January 11, 2016 4:41 AM


Monday, January 11, 2016 4:41 AM
Monday, January 11, 2016 4:41 AM

THERE’S ONLY ONE FIRST… is a statement we have likely heard throughout our lives. 

First word. First step. First birthday. First day of school. First report card. First love. First car. First job. First home. First child…

Those are the big ones but what about all the small firsts?

First day of the week. First hour of the day. First thought in the morning. First response to something hurtful. First phone call when you need a friend. First inclination when you see a need. 

The law of first mention is the idea that the context of something in it’s first account gives it meaning or defines it- so to speak. What comes first is usually a top priority for us, if we get to choose for ourselves. We often celebrate our BIG FIRSTS but don’t give much thought to all the small firsts in our lives. The crazy thing is, the small firsts add up. In fact, combined, all those small firsts create a pattern that has a much bigger impact on our lives than the big ones. 

The first thought we have in the morning when we open our eyes has an enormous bearing on the train of thought that follows. That train of thought becomes a mind-set that affects our mood and decisions throughout the day. We don’t often trace a bad day back to the sleepy start and hold ourselves accountable to where it all went wrong. 

At the FIRST of a brand new beautiful year, this is the time to ask ourselves, “How many things are “firsts” that I just leave to chance?” 

Studies show that most of us look at our social media pages within moments of waking. The latest research regarding social media has come back with findings that suggest regular visits to Social Media sites hurts our self esteem, inhibits real life conversations, messes with our ability to think independently, alters our appetite and causes us to spend more money. 

Essentially what all this research is telling us is that meditation on social media causes chronic comparison we don’t need instead of the cozy community we do want. 

You may not be one of those who grab their phone to turn off the alarm each morning and then tap their favorite apps to see the pictures, quotes and the latest viral video- however you too have a first moment of the morning that deserves a purpose. 

However we have been spending it, today’s challenge is to begin investing it in worthy meditation. Tithe means “a tenth” but it also means, the first tenth. The principle of tithing doesn’t only apply to money. According to the principle of THE TITHE- what happens to the first determines what happens for the rest. When we focus on our firsts and determine where and how we want to spend it, we order what follows. 

Today, as the FIRST DAY OF OUR 21 DAY FAST, let’s determine to FOCUS on all the FIRSTS. And in doing so, become intentional about tithing our time by giving God an opportunity to order our steps for the day. 

It only takes 21 DAYS to make or break a habit. If starting your day off right is something you want to begin to be intentional about, we will be here each morning with a fresh mediation to get you started! 

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 

DAILY SONG: Enhance today’s meditation on this devotion with FIRST by Lauren Daigle

DAILY QUOTE: “HUSTLE is an act of FOCUS, not frenzy." - Jon Acuff  

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