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What is Disciple?

DISCIPLE is a tutelage in the art of disciplemaking. In the West we have assumed that discipleship is a curriculum, a course we take with a lecturer in a classroom.  That is not what this is.  

A "Disciple" experience is uniquely different than a Story of God Intensive.  During "Disciple" we experience God's Story and take the time to provide practical training to Pastors, elders, small group leaders, etc.  These events have been conducted throughout the United States.  


We are recovering the notion that disciples are formed through a community that eats together, celebrates with each other, meets each other’s needs and intentionally works to paint pictures of heaven on earth.  What we mean by this is that as disciples of Jesus our objective and goal is not another program or event,  but to see the Gospel so deeply embedded into our hearts that the everyday rhythms of ordinary life (working, eating, celebrating) are infused with Gospel intentionality.


DISCIPLE is a radical immersion into the life and community of disciples who have listened to the Gospel so deeply that their sense of mission is clear and fast and their life in community is real and open.


We will listen and discuss God’s Story as we seek to hear the truth so deeply that it affects the way we live and do life.   We will have discussions centered around disciplemaking by learning–how to live the Gospel, how to speak the Gospel, how to live in community, how to live with Gospel intentionality.


This apprenticeship has limited seating.  We are strategically seeking a smaller and more intimate cohort. Due to the dialogical nature of the storyforming and disciplehood retooling we only have space for 40 people. This is not a seminar or conference, its an intensive immersion into the art and culture of making disciples.


Finally we want to emphasis the nature of this tutelage. We will spend 8-10 hours a day in the Story and Scripture. Your brain and heart will be so packed that you will beg for process time. This isn’t a conference, it’s an apprenticeship. It is similar to a residency at a seminary.   For that reason we ask that you be available from the first session to the last.