Monday, March 6, 2017 9:23 AM

A Place to Call Home - Lead With Authenticity

Monday, March 6, 2017 9:23 AM
Monday, March 6, 2017 9:23 AM

A Place to Call Home – Lead With Authenticity
Pastor Stephen Hayes
Sunday March 5, 2017


Theme – One of Covenant Church’s goals is to lead with authenticity.  The ability to have compassion is one of the attributes of authentic leadership.  We should begin our relationship with Jesus – and with others – by being honest about who we are.


A place to call home

  • Over the next several weeks we will review the attributes of Covenant Church.
  • We will learn what Covenant Church is about, who God has called us to be, and where we are going as a church.
  • Knowing who we are, and where we are going, gives us initiative to work toward goals.
  • It takes a team of people to accomplish a church’s goals.
  • God’s Word has the answer to any question. However, we should be continually studying the Bible so we know how to initially react when something happens.
  • We want our initial responses to be God-like reactions. We want to respond to things like Jesus responded to things.

Leading with authenticity

  • Authentic leaders are open and honest about personal shortcomings. Authentic leaders do not attempt to cover up problems.
  • Genesis 3:15b reads, “He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.” This was a prophetic declaration that God would crush Satan, but that Satan would injure Jesus (and His followers.) 
  • Life provides injuries and bruises for all of us. We have to be honest about the fact we have imperfections.  “If you’re not limping a bit, you’re faking a lot.”

What authenticity looks like

  • Compassion is one of the strongest attributes of authenticity.
  • The New Testament describes Jesus as having compassion in many instances.
  • Different definitions of the word “compassion” include “to feel sympathy or empathy, to pity, to be moved” (Greek) and “the intellectual identification with, or to vicariously experience something of another, that motivates the desire to help” (Webster).
  • As leaders we must be able to connect someone’s need with the source that can satisfy that need.
  • We have to simultaneously empathize with individuals’ needs, while focusing on the glorious power that is the source of all healing. We must be the conduits that connect earthly needs with Heavenly sustenance.

Start with authenticity

  • “Jesus can’t heal what we won’t reveal.”
  • Begin your relationship with Jesus – and your leadership in the church - by being honest about yourself, and then build relationships from that point.
  • The Old Testament person Jacob was a pretender in life. Genesis 25: 23 – Genesis 37 tell his story. 
  • In Genesis 32 he wrestled with God until he admitted his shortcomings (v. 27). At that point, God gave him a new name and released him to his destiny of fathering the tribes of the Jewish nation.
  • “God can’t bless what you are pretending to be. He wants to bless the real you.”
  • Wherever God is taking Covenant Church, we must head that way knowing – and recognizing – the identity of who we are.

The short journey

  • Soon, Covenant Church will plant a location in - or near - downtown Dallas. Many people who live in the city of Dallas travel to attend services at our Carrollton or McKinney locations.
  • A Dallas location will give Covenant Church a presence in many of the significant areas of the eastern half of DFW.


Reflective Questions for A Place to Call Home: Lead with Authenticity

  1. Identify one or two leaders in history who have inspired you. Can you name some of their weaknesses as well as strengths?  Why does knowing a great person’s weaknesses actually enable you to like him or her even more?
  2. The Old Testament character of Jacob is not someone many of us desire to imitate. However, there likely are things about Jacob we can see in ourselves.  What about Jacob do you see in yourself?  (You may want to review the events of Genesis 25-37.)
  3. Why, do you suppose, God wants us to acknowledge our shortcomings before He will bless our leadership initiatives?
  4. Does this have anything to do with what Pastor Stephen described as compassion linking earthly needs to Heavenly healing? If so, why is compassion necessary to “connect” Heaven to earth?

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