Monday, February 27, 2017 9:45 AM


Monday, February 27, 2017 9:45 AM
Monday, February 27, 2017 9:45 AM

Pastor Amie Dockery
Sunday February 26, 2017


Theme – Most of us experience times when our abilities and gifts are not understood or recognized by others.  These may be times when God is calling us from our current environment so He can clarify our mission, provide mentorship, motivation, and a better relationship with Him.  God may also be keeping our ultimate purpose hidden from Satan.


When no one notices

  • How do you feel when it seems others are not noticing or recognizing what you have to offer?
  • This experience is common in ministry work.
  • In nature, there is great power flowing beneath the surface of the earth that no one knows about (water, minerals, oil, etc.) At some point in time, someone taps into this power and uses it.
  • Moses is an example of someone who was not, at first, recognized for his leadership calling among the Israelite people.

The “drawing out” of Moses

  • Exodus 1:22 – 2:10 tells the story of how, as a child, Moses was delivered from death, and was ultimately supported and empowered by the very government from which he was to deliver the Israelites.
  • As Moses was being prepared for greatness he was not considered a threat by Pharaoh.
  • God will often use our greatest adversary to empower us. Satan is only cognizant of size and strength.  He does not notice the hidden power in each of us.  Satan continually underestimates us; he is blind to our abilities.

Your hidden purpose

  • The name Moses means “to draw out.”
  • Exodus 2: 11-15 and Acts 7: 22-29 tell of Moses using his abilities to assert himself, but not being recognized for his leadership abilities by his own people.
  • At this time, Moses’ abilities were untapped; they were unrecognized.
  • The conflict in Egypt revealed to Moses his mission, but others did not initially recognize Moses as a leader.
  • Moses chose to leave his surroundings and journey to a neutral place where God could draw out his untapped leadership.
  • Hebrews 11: 24-27 tells us that Moses was acting by faith when he chose to leave Egypt for a time. It was not a personal weakness that drew him away to a neutral place, it was by faith that he left.
  • Exodus 2-4 tell of how Moses received a clearer understanding of his purpose, mentorship from his father in law, motivation, and a stronger relationship with God during this time.
  • Acts 7: 35-38 shows us that Moses’ purpose was to “bring out” others in bondage. Moses was living out the meaning of his name – to draw out.
  • To understand our hidden purposes we need to put into the past any fears or traumas and move to a new, neutral place where our purpose will be drawn out.

Mentorship myths

  • It is important for mentors to personally know you, and to care enough about you to keep you accountable.
  • Myth #1 – a mentor must have, at one time, been where you are now. (Rather, a good mentor should be a mirror through which you can accurately affirm your identity.)
  • Myth #2 – a mentor needs to be where you are going. (Rather, a mentor simply needs to be someone who draws out your potential.)
  • Myth #3 – a mentor needs to be doing what you are doing.
  • Myth #4 – a mentor needs to know a lot about what you are doing.
  • Myth #5 – a mentor needs to be better at what you are doing than you are.
  • Myth #6 – a mentor needs to be a person of influence in the area of your gifting.
  • Myth #7 – a mentor needs to make you feel good about yourself.
  • Myth #8 – a mentor needs to have successfully mentored others before you.

Your place of being tapped into

  • Draw closer to God through His Word.
  • Engage with other people who are in a similar situation as you.
  • Align with a mentor.
  • See yourself as being on a mission to perceive the deeper things of God.


Reflective Questions for Untapped

  1. Have you ever felt no one else recognized your gifts and abilities? If so, what were some of the thoughts you had at that time?  Were your thoughts defensive and confrontational in nature, or were you able to recognize that you simply needed time to have your abilities developed?
  2. Explain how God may actually protect us from Satanic attack when our abilities are not being recognized by others.
  3. Have you ever had a good mentor? Describe this person and why s/he helped draw out your giftings.
  4. Pastor Amie provided a number of mentorship myths. Pick out one or two of those myths and explain why those characteristics are not necessarily needed for good mentorship.

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