What is Fasting and Why Do We Do It?

Fasting is much more than a New Year’s Resolution. (In other words, this is not a diet or cleanse!) 

We are dedicating 21 days of the beginning of 2016 to God! Fasting is simply withstanding from something in order to focus our attention and efforts towards God. When we partner this with prayer, we are able to see God do the miraculous! That’s why we’re providing you with a 21-day Fasting Menu to help you choose what you need to withstand for the next 21 days. We all have something in our life that competes for our attention. 

The idea of this 21-Day Fast is to let go of something that gets your flesh’s attention. Understand that this could mean eliminating something completely for 21 days or simply limiting something for 21 days. For example, eliminating social media during a time where we, as a church, will be sending out devotionals and lots of links via social media, may not be exactly what we want to encourage everybody to do. But we would encourage everyone to LIMIT their time on social media. Most people wake up to social media alerts and they fall asleep seeing what their world was up to that day. 

During these 21 days, we want to encourage everyone to start their day with God and finish their day with God. Check out the fasting menu and choose one that gets your flesh’s attention the most.


Biblical References

(Daniel 10:1-3Exodus 34:28Nehemiah 1:4