Couples Doing Marriage God's Way

Re|New is a Covenant Church Intensive for married couples in any stage of life who want to have a stronger, healthier, and Godly marriage. Re|New offers hope to marriages by helping couples move toward oneness through a journey that includes teaching, small groups, testimonies from couples who have experienced victory in the midst of hard times. Through Re|New you will recognize God alone is our answer as you embrace God’s plan for marriage and navigate with God’s truth. Re|New also provides a deeper relationship with Christ which can bring hope and oneness into marriage. 
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What Couples Are Saying About Re|New

“RE|NEW normalized our marital challenges. We are not the only ones going through specific issues and challenges.”

“I learned more about my husband, ways he was feeling that I didn’t know. He was able to open up in a new way. I get so excited to come to RE|NEW” - Rosalyn Smith

“I no longer point fingers at my spouse. I do a self-inspection then seek the Lord.”

“The Holy Spirit put us here and placed us in our group to grow and strengthen us. I couldn’t find an excuse not to come” - Graylin Etherly

“The stories have been so impactful. To meet with other couples once a week is powerful. I love RE|NEW” - Steve Johnson   

“RE|NEW is the best thing that happened to us in this season of our life” – this couples marriage rating went from a 5 to 8.5

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