JUNE 14-16

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Mariah Houghton

Mariah Houghton is the voice and face of a new generation of young influential worship leaders on fire for Jesus & taking the world by storm without any signs of stopping. Mariah carries an anointing of her own and an organic sound. Currently leading worship at Lakewood Church & Hope City Houston, she serves as one of the core leaders of "New Breed Next" movement founded by her father, Award winning songwriter/worship leader Israel Houghton. Traveling the world since a very early age has given her a multicultural approach to worship and her passion is to actively pursue compassion in a tangible way as a consequence of intimate worship experience, which lead her to found Bella's Blankets, an organization that provides shelter and food for the homeless.

Mariah on what it means to be part of the NEXT Generation: "NEXT is that moment where both of our hands are on it as it's being passed. That space of time where it's not just watching one generation rise, but seeing many generations unite. There is power in the unity of ages; new perspectives, new sounds. Ultimately it's about learning from each other, watching one another, and improving. It's all about iron sharpening iron because the care for each rising generation is so much more important than ego or the fear of being replaced or surpassed. What we're doing here is moving forward, together, with selfless faith. Creating a sound and a worship and an understanding of our purpose here on this earth that blurs the lines of age, leaving only a harmonious symphonic piece of light in this dark world that souls can grab hold of and fly with. That is what NEXT is to me. And I am grateful for all of you who will keep your hands on the baton with me and fly.