The 3 Baptisms

Every 3rd Sunday

The 3 Baptisms is your next step in faith. This class will prepare you to be water baptized and to learn more about the other two baptisms which Jesus offers to you. The baptism unto salvation joins you to the Father, the baptism of water joins you to Jesus and the third baptism joins you to the Holy Spirit. Join us every 3rd Sunday as we talk about all three baptisms and what they mean in your life.

Cost: Free
Register at: Cross Roads

New Believers, women, men, singles, married

Next Level Thinking


In his new book, Next Level Thinking, Joel Osteen writes that we weren't created to go through life weighed down by addictions, dysfunction, guilt, or the past. God created us to be free. Joel encourages readers to leave behind the negative mindsets, the scarcity mentality, and the limitations others have put on us, and shows us how to step into new levels of victory, new levels of favor.

You do not need the book to attend but it is available for purchase online.

Cost: Free
Register at: Carrollton, Colleyville, Cross Roads & McKinney

New believers, singles, married, women, men