The Future Is Bright

We have longstanding partnerships in Cuba. In the past few years alone, we have sent multiple construction crews and have invested over $100,000 to rennovate and add two additional stories to an existing church building. Covenant has also been a part of hosting seminars and conferences for the pastors in Cuba to help disciple, train and equip them for ministry.

Through these strategic initiatives we're seeing more churches planted, jobs and businesses established, economic growth, and the Gospel being proclaimed in a tangible way throughout this island nation.

But we're not done yet! It's through the hands of many that significant things are accomplished and established in Cuba. We need your help. Your financial gifts not only offer hope to the nation of Cuba, but provide much-needed supplies, materials and encouragement for our partners, their families and our Cuban church.

The Man Who Started It All

Pastor Faustino is a man with a vision. Born and raised in Cuba, Faustino grew up in a soon-to-be oppressed nation with little hope for the future. He recalls having very little growing up—living a simple life not unlike most Cubans. In 1990 everything changed for him.

"I remember it like it was yesterday. The Lord began to use me in a town where there was no church or Christians."

Faustino was inspired by a missionary who visted Cuba, and soon developed his own plan to plant a church in Havana. Since then, Faustino has helped establish over 500 churches throughout Cuba, and is directly responsible for over 60 campus churches surrounding the capitol city. The main church campus he oversees is supported regularly by Covenant. 

The tremendous growth Faustino has seen is made possible through the donations and hard work of many. The little island nation just off the cost of South Florida is bursting with potential because a man like Faustino is pursuing his dreams and changing lives.

Greeting From The Field

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