1 Samuel 10:27

Nahash, king of the Ammonites, had been grievously oppressing the people of Gad and Reuben who lived east of the Jordan River. He gouged out the right eye of each of the Israelites living there, and he didn’t allow anyone to come and rescue them. In fact, of all the Israelites east of the Jordan, there wasn’t a single one whose right eye Nahash had not gouged out. But there were 7,000 men who had escaped from the Ammonites, and they had settled in Jabesh-Gilead.



I never want to settle for less than God's best for my life! There is so much that God has promised to us, why would we ever want to be satisfied with less? 1 Samuel tells us what happened to a group of people that settled for less than God's best. To understand this passage of scripture, you need to understand the history of the people whose eyes were gouged out. The people of Gad and Rueben had been given, along with all of Israel, the promise of a land flowing with milk and honey. Now personally, I don't like milk or honey, but apparently, they were a hot commodity in that day. Instead of taking hold of what God had given to them, they decided to settle for less than God's best! In the days to come, we will discuss what happens when you settle, but today you are setting your course for 2018! As we begin this fast today, we are declaring that we won't settle for anything less than God's BEST for our lives! We will not sit back, or idly stand by while our destiny moves further outside our reach. Today we declare that our faith is in action and we want to take hold of all that God has laid out for us! Don't settle for LESS!


1) Is there an area of your life where you have settled?
2) What step can you take today to move toward God’s best?
3) Find someone to encourage today – to not settle for less than the best God has for them!