1 Samuel 10:27

But some scoundrels said, “How can this fellow save us?” They despised Him and brought Him no gifts. But Saul kept silent.



Have you ever settled for less than best in your life? It's never a good feeling! 1 Samuel tells us the story of what happens when we settle for less. The people of Gad and Rueben settled on the other side of the promised land, rather than possessing what God had given to them! In doing so, they left themselves vulnerable to attack! This vulnerability led to every Israelite in the tribe of Gad and Ruben having one of their eyes gouged. Can you imagine living with one eye, only 50% of your vision? Can you imagine the challenges that this would create?

So many Christians today are living with 50% spiritual vision because they have settled for less than what God wants for them! We get saved, and then we think that's all there is to it! We say a prayer, and then we feel like that is good enough.

The spiritual discipline of fasting helps you regain vision for your life! It realigns you back in the center of God's will and plan! I don't want to live with 50% vision, guessing my way through life! I want to be so tuned into the Holy Spirit that I never miss His voice! Fasting makes you so aware of His voice, and it gives you the faith to make the tough decisions! As you fast, pray that God will give you clear vision for your life in 2018! It's not time to settle for less; It’s time to press in for the best!


1) What percent of your spiritual vision are you seeing clearly?
2) What can you “give up” during this time of fasting to narrow your focus to see God’s plan for you?
3) Spend time being quiet in God’s presence and write down what you hear Him say.