Matthew 12:36

But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.



So many things have changed throughout our lifetimes.  Kids today don't know of a world without computers, cell phones or microwave ovens.  Many things that are invented today will be obsolete tomorrow.  So many changes!

One of the biggest changes is the way we express ourselves. Bad language has become so common; it has completely gotten out control.  I never heard my dad use (cuss words) one time. Bad language was never acceptable in our home. In today’s world, things have really changed.

Some years ago, as a young boy, and like many children, I was fascinated by matches and fire. One day, with some other children, we built a small fire.  We did not realize the wind that was blowing would spread the fire if it were not carefully watched. The fire did get out of hand. Before we knew what had happened, a grass field was on fire and many acres were burnt. What had begun with just a small spark now had done much damage to local property. Bad habits do the same thing to people. The habit may not begin to be used continuously, but as the habit grows, it can become a horrible problem.

Just a few years ago, the first movie to use bad language was "Gone with the Wind," now the airways are filled with profane language.

People are creatures of habit, and bad habits will spread like wildfire!

So, why not choose good habits over bad, and be a good example for others.


1) What words are you saying that are “empty”?
2) What habit will you stop that has the power to start you out in a new direction?
3) Begin to use words that are creative, encouraging and full of life!