Ephesians 3:19

May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.



I have been meditating on this scripture for a while now and its implications on the anointing - the power of God that is so readily available to us if we so desire. I have also realized that this anointing is pumped through our spiritual veins by the love of Christ. Love is the key to our victory and strength in all areas of life. It, as the scripture above says, "completes us."

The older I get, the more I realize that this love is "too great to understand fully," but I must pursue it with all my heart if I want the anointing to increase in my life.  Love is what defines us; love is what and who Jesus was and is. At our men's Awakening events, I have the men repeat over and over with great passion, "You are our God; we are your warriors."  There are times I wonder if we fully understand what we are saying. In every great warrior society that I have studied, like the Samurai Warriors, who were known for their skill, bravery, and love for both their Emperor and each other, love was at the heart of their devotion and honor. But how do we develop this love that so easily escapes us and that seems so foreign to our human love, which in many ways, has been shaped by our past and present circumstances? How do we learn to reshape our worldly love into Godly love? The answer to this question determines the success of your marriage, your business and the legacy that you leave your children. 

I believe there is a key principle to developing this kind of love that leads to a fuller life. King David was not only a great warrior but a great worshipper. His times of worship, of being absorbed in God's love for him, changed him from a mere shepherd boy to a lion, bear and giant killer and eventually a king of Israel. No one on earth, no matter how strong he is, let alone a youth, can come against a lion and bear, pry open its mouth and snatch back his sheep unless God's anointing is on him. Yet, this was indeed what happened to David. (1 Samuel 17:34-37)

My friend, no one can truly enjoy the fullness of life without God's strength (anointing), God's favor in their work and relationships, God's protection for them and their family, God's increase in their finances, and God's health and healing for their body.

As you feed on God’s love for you during your fast, you will be filled with the fullness of God’s mighty power. Like David, God’s anointing will begin to operate powerfully in your life. And when you encounter spiritual lions and bears, even the giant himself, the devil - when he comes like a roaring lion against you, your loved ones or your possessions - you will grab hold of his mouth and tear him apart!


1) What are the elements of “fullness of life”?
2) Have you experienced the love of God through worship? Fasting is a great time to include worshipping God in private.
3) Take time to meditate, read and think about, the love God has for you.