John 3:27

To this John replied, “A person can receive only what is given to them from heaven.”


If I was only as talented as ___________.  If only I would have been born into the family of ________.  If I could be as educated as ____________.  These are examples of thoughts many of us wrestle with as we believe for our future.  We dream of having greater influence, greater favor and various other ingredients we deem necessary to accomplish our Moon Shot! What’s a Moon Shot?  It is an extravagant pursuit which is literally “out of this world.”         

When Jesus steps on the scene, he is baptized by John and becomes a source of controversy.  John's disciples begin to question him asking him how he felt about the influence Jesus was gaining.  John's response," A person can receive only what is given to them from heaven."  He was saying, "I am exactly who God destined for me to be." … And so are you…           

God has given you specific talents, abilities, creative energy, birthed you into the right family, in the right era, and under the right conditions necessary for you to accomplish your Moon Shot! What if you invested less time taking inventory of what you feel like you are missing and more time understanding the value of what you currently have at your disposal.  It's the question which has been echoing throughout generation, "What is in your hand?"'


1) What lane has God gifted you to run in?
2) Taking inventory of your life experiences, what have you been gifted to do?
3) What is your “out of this world” dream? Stop waiting! Start now!