Our Core Values

At Covenant, we hold to the following core values and seek to:

Appreciate diversity
We find value in people, their stories and their unique gifts—empowering them to leverage who God has made them to advance His Kingdom.

Practice generosity
As God has richly blessed us, we actively look for opportunities to bless others. Learn more about what God says about the relationship between our gifts and His blessings. Download a copy of "God's Law of First Things" written by our Founding Pastor, Mike Hayes.


Embrace the Spirit-filled life
Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit for comfort, guidance and power. We believe that living the life God calls us to can only be accomplished through His Spirit.

Lead with authenticity
As leaders we are honest and real about the challenges and victories of our journey with Christ.

Honor in covenant relationships
We encourage, love and champion one another—committing to exhort and challenge each other towards growth in Christ.